Changan JOVO Gas Filling Station is Smoothly put into operation

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On September 16, Changan JOVO Gas Filling Station was officially opened and put into operation. On the opening date, Executive Deputy General Manager of Industrial Company, Mr. Deng, Deputy General Manager Yang, Assistant to General Manager, Mr. Tu, and General Manager of the cooperator, Mr. Wen and Mr. Cai attended the opening ceremony. With the common efforts of all leaders, workers and cooperators of JOVO, with more than one year of engineering construction and operation preparation, Changan Gas Filling Station was finally and smoothly put into operation, which was the second gas filling station put into operation after Dalang Gas Filling Station by Industrial Company of JOVO Group, and also marked JOVO had another significant breakthrough in gas filling station industry in Dongguan


 Changan JOVO Gas Filling Station is located at Yongtou Village, Changan Town, Dongguan, on one side of 107 national highway, and adjacent to Changan Auto Station. This station is L-CNGGas Filling Statio, which is design to be equipped with 2 low-temperature storage tanks with 30m³, and the gas filling volume is 20,000 cubic meters per day. This station is equipped with 6 CNG filling machines (one machine with two fillers), and 2 LNG liquid filling machines. There are about 1,500 private gas taxies in Changan Town. The construction, establishment and operation of Changan Gas Filling Station could extremely assist to solve the difficulty in gas filling of Changan taxi. In the future, the operation of Changan Gas Filling Station will be extremely significant


On the opening day, all staffs of Gas Filling Station were led by the station director, Xu Jianhui to work with full spirit and passion. When the taxies entered into the station successively, the workers orderly and skillfully operated without haste, and served customers with standard services and passion. A driver coming for gas filling expressed his congratulation to the opening of our gas filling station with the most obvious language. He said, “I love JOVO so much! The taxi in Changan Town will not need to go to fill the gas in Xinao Gas Filling Station in the Daling Mountain which is more than ten kilometers away from here as before. JOVO saves money for us!” It indicated that our projector personnel was prescient in the location of gas filling station at the beginning. On the opening day, the gas was sold for more than 14,000 cubic meters in 14 hours


Based on the current prediction, the Changan Gas Filling Station will have considerable benefits in the future