JOVO LNG project completion and acceptance meeting is smoothly convened

2012-10-8 10:24:27 本站原创 佚名 【字体:

In the afternoon, September 03, 2012, our company organized the survey units, supervision units, designer and all constructors to overall inspect LNG engineering project. The present units included Guangdong Shunye Supervision, Huanqiu Design Institute, Shaoguan Survey Institute, Sinopec Sijian, Shisi Huajian, Dianbai Sijian, Jiuzhou Anti-corrosion, and Dalian Jindong, etc


The delegations of each unit were led by the engineer of our company to site survey and inspect in specialized subject, and actively made a statement on the site construction quality, future application and maintenance, warranty and site issues. At the end of the meeting, the inspection team leader, Liu Shujuan, deputy team leader Feng Hua and Chenqiang made a comprehensive evaluation on the whole project quality, and the overall inspection complied with the construction standard and laws and regulations. The project was qualified and went smoothly. At present, the completion data of all constructors and supervision units has been delivered to Dongguan Urban Construction Archives and received Urban Construction Archive Transmission Letter