Welcome Grand Opening of Tangkou Gas Filling Station

2012-8-31 10:56:22 本站原创 佚名 【字体:

Upon one year of prophase preparation, Tangkou Gas Filling Station is grandly opened finally

Tangkou Gas Filling Station is located at Zhongshan Avenue East, Huangpu District, Guangzhou, which is the second auto gas filling station under Guangzhou JOVO Company, and its scale ranks on top in Guangzhou. It is introduced by the station director that, the gas filling station owns 6 gas filling machines and a total of 36 fillers. No matter in the filling scale or floor area or facilities and equipments, it is in the leading position in Guangzhou

On the opening day, there were 30 vehicles entered to fill gas in the gas filling station, but our staffs on duty were not satisfied with it. Under the guidance of the manager and station director, they sent the flyers along Zhongshan Avenue and even walked for 3 to 4 km to reach Chebei. With the flyers, there were 88 vehicles entered to fill gas in the gas filling station at the night. The hard work always could make a gratifying return

On the opening day of the gas filling station, General Manager Li, General Manager Fan, General Manager Ma and Manager Chen Zhixin and a group of leaders kindly cared and made a greetings to the front-line staffs, and asked for details of all facilities and equipments, daily operating instruction and conditions