LNG Project Got a Further Step to Victory

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The startup commissioning of LNG Project is divided into four stages: large tank precooling -------BOG reliquefaction test ------- loading system commissioning -------- dock LNG ship unloading

On August 16, it was a start to test the performace of the filling system of natural gas tank car, and also certified that the foreiner successfully made the commissiong of the large tank immersed pump, which was not easily won. It was the best award for the foreigners and engineers, for they took three days and nights and racked thwir brains to overcome a series of difficulties to complete the commissioning. Such exciting moment today, the first JOVO low-temperaure tank car for filling of natural gas was due to their unremitting efforts

All operators of large tank deck, central control room and loading jack, as well as electric, equipment, technology and instrument engineers were standby. Upon preparation of all procedures, the long-awaited natural gas tank car was slowly driven into the first position of the loading jack. When it was seen that the temperature of low-temperature natural gas in the pipeline slowly reduced around -140 through the fronst layer from thinness to thickness, it may estimate that the natural gas was filled into the tank car. At the beginning, due to the long-awaited tank car was exposed under the sun for several hours, and the inner tank pressure was higher, therefore, it would be filled slowly and then return to normal filling speed upon balance of gas pressure for a period. Due to the first filling of natural gas tank car, all of us were very cautious to each step, and the operation of batch control device before and after filling and the opening sequence of each valve should be further explored and concluded for safer and more accurate filling. With nearly 1 hour of filling, it successifely completed the filling test of the first natural gas tank car, and then there still were 13 positions for filling commissioning

The success of this step indicated LNG project move forward to the victory, and also made a better preparation for the last step, which was natural gas unship in the dock.