JOVO Magazine celebrates the initial issue

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With two months of preparation, the first magazine of JOVO group issued to the group staffs, external suppliers, customers and partners is finally released
The release of JOVO magazine is concerned and assisted by the group leaders.  The marketing center of the group also has specially issued the document to request all departments to support and coordinate to the magazine editing and release. After the first phase of contribution letter is issued, the correspondents of each unit and subsidiaries actively respond and coordinate for the contribution, and the magazine editorial department has received plenty of contributions. The theme of the first edition determined as “Twenty-years of JOVO” by the magazine editorial department is agreed upon by all staffs
JOVO magazine is a significant stage and place for JOVO to propagate the corporate culture, exchange the enterprise development experience and establish the enterprise brand, which currently includes information, management forum, special subject, colleague, the third eye, and scene columns. JOVO magazine is an important way to widen the staff vision and share the work experience. It will benefit for the enhancement of corporate culture and brand promotion with JOVO Window, which also will be a great event in the group development history
It is designed to issue 1,000 JOVO magazines in every two months, which includes 60 pages and issued on a bimonthly basis