In 1990, the company was established in Zhuhai
In 1995, the company established the joint venture, Zhuhai JOVO ARCO Petroleum Company with US ARCO Petroleum Company, and established the   50,000-tones LPG dock
In 1996, the company developed in the terminal market in Guangzhou to engage in retail and wholesale of LPG, and started to develop in Western Guangdong, Guangxi and other markets
In 2002, the company started to select the place to establish new LPG/LNG/other chemical dock and other DC platforms in Lisha Island, Dongguan
In 2004, the company invested to construct LPG/LNG/other chemical dock integrated DC platform with Guangye
In 2004, the company signed LNG supply contract for 30 years with Toyota Automobile in Nansha, Guangzhou to formally enter into LNG industry.
In 2009, Dongguan JOVO energy Lisha Island dock project was officially completed and operated
In 2010, the company invested to establish company with Petrochina to enter into LNG auto gas filling station industry
In 2012, the LNG storage project with 160,000 cubic meters in Lisha Island Dock was trial operated and opened a new page of JOVO development
In 2012, JOVO signed Western second line supply agreement with PetroChina
In 2012, JOVO completely operated auto gas filling stations in Dongguan, and also developed auto gas filling stations in Guangzhou