Guangzhou JOVO Gas Co., Ltd.

 Guangzhou JOVO Gas Co., Ltd. was founded in August 1996, which mainly engages in wholesales and retail of LPG, and supplies LPG to Guangzhou, West Guangdong and South China with its strong operating ability and complete business network. Since its establishment, it owns one secondary dock, 7 teritary bottle stations, and nearly 100 retail stores, to form the business system integrated with purchase, storage, transit, wholesale and retail of LPG. The company has more than 30% of LPG market shares in South China, annual sales volume around 200,000 tons, and annual turnover around RMB 1 billion, and ranks in the leading position in the national LPG industry.


With the enterprise belief of “striving to be better, being delight in devotion, and work down-to-earth without the impractical” the company has set up a large sales network and high-quality professional team to explore the terminal consumer market, so as to make numerous consumers directly enjoy the best products and services provided by JOVO.

Guangzhou Yiqi Bus Energy Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Yiqi Bus Energy Co., Ltd. was founded in November 2006, which is an energy company jointly invested and organized by Guangzhou Yiqi Bus Co., Ltd. and Zhuhai JOVO Group. In the tenet of “pursue of outstanding performance for healthy and safe environmental protection, and creation of clean and greening energy world”, the company dedicates to build the best platform for clean energy of LPG gas and petroleum filling station.

With strong operating ability and huge customer foundation of JOVO Group, the company attaches importance to develop LPG auto gas filling business in Guangzhou. At present, LPG gas filling station in Fangcun Longxi Bus Maintenance Field has duly come into operation. The new batch of gas filling station projects are constructing and preparing for construction.

For “the personnel is the primary factor for the enterprise survival and development”, Yiqi Company always focuses on the improvement of staff quality and skills. In addition to skill and business training, with several years of industrial experience, combined with the present industrial characteristics, our company has prepared the complete safety standard manual, staff quality and skill improvement plan, and thoroughly implements the above manual and plan in the actual work.

Looking into the future, under the care and guidance of shareholders and support and favor of all social circles, our company will continue to positively respond to the appealing of Guangzhou government to construct” greening bus”, and take its central mission for environmental production to common create a better future.

Zhaoqing Yuehui Petrochemical Gas Co., Ltd.

Zhaoqing Yuehui Petrochemical Gas Co., Ltd. is located at Beishui Development Zone, Dinghu Mountain, Zhaoqing, which is away from the downtown for 46 kilometers, and apart from Guangzhou center for 62 kilometers, adjacent to developed Foshan, and along the “Gold Waterway”, Xi River with good geological position and convenient transport condition.

The reservoir area of company covers an area of about 50 mu, with the capacity of 1,800 M3 (composes of 9 horizontal slots with 200 M3). It owns a dock dedicated for LPG tank ship, which is the unique dock special for PLG in the internal rivers in West Guangdong. It is also equipped with a bulk filling platform, which is capable to fill loading platforms of 6 tank cars at the same time, and has functions of storage, dispatching of tank car and cylinder filling. The company has LPG and LNG operation qualification, four LPG tank cars and one LNG tank car, and it is planning to increase three LNG tank cars in the same year. In recent, the company actively undertakes gas industrial and commercial application business to mainly serve in Zhaoqing, Foshan (Nanhai, Sanshui and Gaoming), and Guibei, Guangxi. At present, its annual sales volume is about 40,000 tones.


Guangzhou JOVO Gas Chain Management Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou JOVO Gas Chain Management Co., Ltd. was founded in July 2006, which mainly engages in wholesale and retail of LPG, owns a strong operating strength and complete operating network, and mainly provide LPG services for the market in Guangzhou, Western Guangdong and South China. Since its establishment, it owns the self-operated tertiary gas station, nearly 100 retail stores, and form the business system integrated with procurement, storage, transfer, wholesale and retail of LPG with more than 30% of LPG market shares in South China. The company ranks the leading position in the national LPG industry.

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