Guangdong JOVO Gas Technology Co., Ltd. is located at Humen Harbor District, Shatian Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, which mainly engages in supply of industrial fuel gas, transformation and services of energy-saving technology, and contractual energy management, and dedicates to become the leading provider for integrated solution of industrial low-carbon and energy-saving combustion in the country. With the core value idea of technology, energy conservation and environmental protection, JOVO is committed to provide industrial clean energy combustion technology and effective and green industrial gas products for clients.


In compliance with “Dedication, Professional, Innovation”, JOVO Technology takes full advantage of upstream resources, establishes the energy-saving technology institute integrated with “production, study and research”, and organizes the technical group, capacity and system with core competitiveness through independent R&D, cooperative development, foreign import, and other ways. The company has a foothold in Guangdong, radiates its business to South china, and develops in the whole country, and then faces the world. Its business involves urban traffic, urban pipe network, metal processing, glass lighting, ceramic ware, chemical and pharmaceutical, gas power plant and other industries. The company has a rigorous, practical and effective service team, as well as unified and harmonious operating system, to provide effective service guarantee for clients timely.

JOVO Technology conforms to the global control trend of energy consumption, responds to the national appealing for energy conservation and emission reduction, and actively integrates gas products, equipment and technology, so as to make science and technology effectively serve for the upgrading of product development, technical research and service system, form the integrated solution and service standard to meet different demands, and create value for clients through its technology and services.

Looking into the future, as the principal part for listing of Guangdong JOVO Group Co., Ltd., JOVO Technology has taken a leap repletion and improvement in team, technology, capital and service. JOVO Technology will have more success in the future!