Guangdong JOVO Natural Gas Industrial Development Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010, which is a company held by Kunlun Energy Company (primitive name: CNPC HK) through capital increasing and shares expansion. The company is a sales platform of natural gas for Kunlun Energy Company in South China. The business mainly involves investment and operation of filling station, pipe network and distribution of natural gas, industrial and mining industrial zone, application of natural gas and shipping clean energy, and natural gas logistics in South China.


The company owns ten thousand-tones oil and gas receiving docks and (8X2) large storage tanks with 160,000 cubic meters in Lisha Island, Dongguan, South China. When the country calls for energy conservation and emission reduction, positive development of low-carbon economy and rapid development of greening energy business, with the abundant upstream resource, strong strength and mature technology, JOVO Natural Gas Industrial Company actively develops natural gas business around the country, and it has invested to construct several natural gas filling station in South China, and obtained pipeline gas license in many cities, which has significant strategic meaning in improving the urban energy supply structure, releasing the environmental pressure, reducing the carbon emission, and improving the construction of resource saving environment and amicable society.




  The company cooperates with GAC-Toyota to construct the first LNG gas station with the investment of RMB 50 million, including LNG receiving station and pipeline network facilities, which is dedicated to supply natural gas for GAC-Toyota motor, finished automobile and accessory factory, and creates a new operating era for satellite station in South China. With several years of safe operation, the gas station can fully meet the customer’s requirement.

● On August 15, 2010, the company successively undertook the gas vaporizing station production and management project from GISE Guangzhou Iron & Steel Enterprise Group. The LNG vaporizing station covered an area of 71.96 square meters, which was able to averagely supply natural gas of 10,000 cubic meters per hour, and the liquid storage volume was 1,200 cubic meters. After being put into use, the necessary natural gas per day was about 250,000 cubic maters. The tender of this project indicated our company owned several advantages in capital, resource, technology and talent, and also would improve our company to develop rapidly towards the world-class advanced energy enterprise.