At the start of this century, JOVO made full use of advantages of coastal region in South China that is convenient for international purchase of methanol, to construct and use the largest 200,000 tones of single DME product device in Dongguan JOVO Reservoir Base, to make up the insufficient supply in DME market of South China. JOVO has soundly developed from the trading storage enterprise to be the comprehensive entity which is involved in production.
      In September 2009, DME production device of JOVO Chemicals was successfully powered on, which announced that JOVO officially entered into the new energy chemical field;
      On September 30, 2009, the first methanol vessel from Saudi smoothly berthed in JOVO dock and completed unloading;
      On March 23, 2011, the first DME in China made for Southeast Asia from the shipment export of JOVO Dock;
      After years of development, JOVO Chemicals has developed to be the large-scale comprehensive chemical energy provider with the most important influence in South China, which mainly engages in trading of methanol, production, sale and storage of DME and other liquid chemicals, based on the business mode of production, transportation, storage, distribution of product,Financial Futures, energy contract management and energy-saving technical reformation.
Industrial Cooperation for Common Development
      Collaborating with peers, JOVO develops DME market and they jointly promote the progress and development of DME industry.
      JOVO maintains long-term strategic cooperation with Shenzhen Gas Group, to have mutual cooperation on guaranteeing the supply in clean energy market and service, and become the primary supplier of Shenzhen Gas. JOVO positively promotes DME pure burning technology in the pearl river delta, with remarkable stationing effect. Meanwhile, JOVO also has gradually become the primary supplier in aerosol industry in Pearl River Delta Region, and has good cooperation with large-scale terminals, such as Shenzhen Rainbow, Guangzhou Botny, etc.
     JOVO has established good cooperation relationship with several users in methanol industry. As one of suppliers in methanol industry, JOVO has maintained good cooperation with over a hundred of upstream and downstream DME and methanol customers in Pearl River Delta Region. Meanwhile, JOVO also continuously expand the methanol storage market. At present, nearly 500,000 tons of methanol are turned over by JOVO annually. Moreover, the import volume has been increasing year by year, making it the biggest importer of methanol in Southern China. JOVO Base has become one of dominant methanol collection and distribution center in South China.
    JOVO has become an important member that activates in the domestic and international methanol markets. At present, it has established the long-term and friendly cooperation relationship with several international methanol magnates, including CNOOC (Hainan) Kingboard, Iran National Petrochemical Company, Saudi Basic Petrochemical Company, and Malaysia National Petrochemical Company, positively expands the foreign export market, and maintains good relationship with partners in Vietnam and Malaysia.
    JOVO Chemicals adheres to the scientific and technological innovation, and positively makes use of the advanced productivity to improve the corporate development. The enterprise staffs continuously optimize the production device, greatly undertake the energy-saving reformation and have made effect. JOVO Chemicals has successively obtained several national patents, including low energy-saving DME production equipment, unattended liquid gas transmission station, and has been granted the honorary title of Guangdong Civil Technical Enterprise.
Application Scope of DME
       Dongguan JOVO Chemical Co., Ltd. mainly engages in production and sale of DME. DME is the new cleaning energy in the 21st century recognized by the international society, which is widely applied in the industrial and civil industries with clean, benefit and other advantages:
          It can replace of diesel as automotive fuel;
          It can be used for ceramic and glass firing, gas cutting, gas welding and industrial pure burning;
          It can replace of Freon, propane and butane as foaming agent;
          It can be used as the promoting agent of cosmetics, cleaning agent, paint, pesticide and other aerosol.