LPG Wholesale Business
LPG business is one of primary businesses of JOVO Energy. JOVO Energy procures import LPG around the country and domestic LPG from various domestic gas refineries, bulk sells the import gas and domestic gas through tank car to the secondary and tertiary clients in Pearl River Delta and surrounding areas, and bulk sells them by shipment to areas other than Pearl River Delta, and also makes efforts to develop the merging gas market in Southeast Aisa
Industrial & Commercial LPG Terminal Business
Based on the advanced technical facilities in the dock and flexible supply mode, JOVO Energy provides the import LPG source with high purity for enterprises, and provides the safe, stable, efficient, high-quality and low-cost cleaning energy solution for industrial and commercial users with superior storage guarantee ability and cost advantage. In the glass, aluminum, hardware, home appliance, auto manufacture, ceramic production, food package, chemical electronics industries, JOVO Energy can provide various imported LPG applied to environmental, efficient and special industries and one-to-one supporting services
Bonded Warehouse, Re-export Business
In February 2011, Dongjiu Energy obtained the bonded warehouse qualification, which can provide the trading raw material bonded service for large-scale enterprises as the unique LPG bonded warehouse in Humen Por
LPG Business Output Value and Estimation
The annual LPG business output value exceeds RMB 2.5 billion.
Oils & Chemical Business
Dongjiu Energy Company owns a chemical and oils storage facilities that cover an area of 125,000 cubic meters, with the annual throughput of oils for 1.2 million tones. The DME production equipment is designed to have the annual output for 200,000 tones. The business is operated on the integration of manufacture, transportation, storage and distribution of products basis
LNG business
2 LNG low-temperature storage tanks with 80,000 cubic meters constructed at the end of 2009 are the largest low-temperature storage tanks with double-wall steel structure in the country now. The company also owns 4 pressure spherical tanks for storage with 3,000 cubic meters. The total investment of LNG project is nearly RMB 800 million. In 2012, it will be overall put into use. JOVO LNG business will be applied to the industrial customers and civil pipeline gas projects in South China
Reservoir Area Profile
There are the LPG storage tanks with 144,000 cubic meters in the reservoir area, which includes 3 low-temperature storage tanks with 40,000 cubic meters, 8 pressure spherical tanks with 3,000 cubic meters and 2 horizontal tanks with 250 cubic meters to support first, secondary and tertiary LPG storage, transport and processing facilities, with the annual turnover ability of storage and transport for 1.3 million tones
In addition, there are finished oil and methanol storage and transport equipments with 125,000 cubic meters, DME production, storage, transport and processing facilities with the annual output of 200,000 tones, first storage, transport and processing facilities of natural gas LNG with 170,000 cubic meters