With the increment of vehicle holdings, the vehicle exhaust emission has become the major pollution source of air, and more and more people are caused diseases by air annually. As the clean and inexpensive fuel, LNG has been widely applied to various vehicles as the power source, such as bus, taxi, heavy truck and special vehicle. In recent years, under the great avocation of Guangdong government and attention of company management, JOVO gathers the superior resources to develop in traffic industry in Guangdong, so that more vehicles can be applied the clean and inexpensive LNG energy, and JOVO can contribute for air pollution governance, energy conservation and emission reduction, and bring back the blue sky to the citizens.
    Since Jovo launched its overall operation in the Pearl River Delta in 2008, it has gradually developed vehicle fueling stations in Southern China including CNG/LNG stations, expecting to build and operate 50 natural gas vehicle fueling stations across China by the end of 2018.
   JOVO Changan Vehicle Fueling Station    
    JOVO has operated several gas stations in south Chinaeast China region to provide LNG and CNG fueling services for the society and supply gas to taxi, bus and LNG carrier vehicle.

JOVO Dalang Vehicle Fueling Station   



    At present, JOVO operates several LPG vehicle fueling stations in China, to provide clean energy for the public traffic.




Guangzhou JOVO Tangkou Vehic le Fueling Station